Property All Risk Insurance


From small local shops to large multi-national corporations, everyone would like to obtain the best insurance rates and cover for their business property.

Owners of commercial properties require building insurance that will cover the property in the event of fire, aircraft or vehicle damage, floods and storms just as any private homeowner would. The owner of the property would also require a policy that would include a rebuild cost if for any reason the building suffers such extensive damage that requires it to be demolished and rebuilt entirely.

Property Insurance offers a full range of insurance solutions covering all types of industries from SME business to a large and more complex risks ranging from land reclamation projects to large industrial and petrochemical risks.

Commercial property insurance can cover a wide range of properties and risks, including but not limited to: offices, shopping malls, industrial units, factories and engineering works. Liability insurance can usually be included as part of a commercial building policy but this is usually restricted to the building itself and not the business that is being conducted from it. Usually an extra policy to cover the contents of the property would also be required for business itself.


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